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Location: 5679 Harrisburg Industrial Park Dr., Harrisburg, NC 28075

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In the automotive industry, your inventory is the life blood of your business. Keeping it safe from theft is easier with the KEYper Systems line of automotive key and asset management systems. Whether in Sales, PDI, Service, Rentals, Fleet Management or your own Body Shop — we help you control who has access to your keys, as well as the keys of your valued customers.

Our user-friendly, automotive key management systems are designed to simplify the process of key and asset tracking, while still providing the highest possible level of accountability and security. Spend less time searching for lost keys, and less money replacing them. Always know, in real-time, who has what keys, when they took them, and why!

Keyper Systems is a global provider of innovative key and asset control solutions. We offer a range of affordable security methods from mechanical boards to state-of-the-art electronic cabinets. If you are seeking to create a culture of accountability in your organization, we provide the tools for control.

Our products--scalable from a single to multiple units--are often integrated into existing networks for enhanced and remote functionality. In addition, you customize the parameters, you control the usage, and if your procedures are not adhered to, you will immediately receive a system-generated alert.