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Elim A Dent provides affordable and Pro grade Paintless Dent Removal and Repair Tools, Ultradent tool lighting and PDR LED lights.

The company was formed 18+ years ago by James Lee, an expert in the PDR world and a man passionate about integrating technology with quality. Right from the early days, when James spent three years perfecting his first PDR tool, Elim A Dent has stood for dependability, creativity, integrity, and sheer grit. The company has withstood the test of time in an ever-changing marketplace.  

Elim A Dent’s tools are made in the USA and use components sourced from great industrial manufacturers like Loc-line, Makita and Milwaukee. The tools are sturdy, consumer grade and user-friendly.

The tools are available for purchase through authoritative distribution partners in the PDR industry across the globe. The company also boasts superior customer experience and after sale services.

Elim A Dent is well known for its focus on integrating technology into their offering. Their single design system ensures that any tools from the Elim A Dent family can be upgraded with the best and most up to date fittings instead of being replaced for a costlier version.

This brand is a regular and celebrated feature of Expos across the world. The Elim A Dent light launched at the Mobile Tech Expo of 2014 put the company in the spotlight as a brand that works to fulfill the needs of PDR enthusiasts in the USA and overseas. They currently ship their products to more than 50 countries outside the United States.

Elim A Dent is a family business that focusses its energy on great teamwork and consistent innovation while being able to keep products practical and affordable. The operations are constantly expanding to fit the needs of customers everywhere with their unparalleled service standards and tools.