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Vehicle Chief

Vehicle Chief

A place for enthusiast to follow industry news, hobby blogs, and a youtube channel.



The purpose of vehiclechief.com is to share industry news, my car experiences via youtube, and of course a consulting service. My consulting services are designed to help you shop for a car, car parts, and accessories from a financial angle. The goal is to guide you based on your needs and my financial analysis of the situation you are currently looking into.



I enjoy the passion for detail and comfort. This passion leads to the enjoyment of reviewing today’s modern cars. The way they drive, the comfort being offered, and of course the personality of the car.



From racing R/C trucks to actually rebuilding my first car, a 2002 Saab 9-3 Convertible, I have always enjoyed getting my hands dirty. The passion for taking things apart and rebuilding has always been in my blood. In these DIY video’s I showcase the latest project of any one of my cars. This is for entertainment and most of the time for someones educational purpose

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